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 Mexican wrestler superhero performing in the streets to defend pedestrian’s rights


The main goal of the initiative is to vindicate pedestrians’ rights. In practice, it pursues: the enforcement of the Traffic Act, raising awareness among drivers and cyclists, empowering pedestrians and encouraging the government to invest more money in quality pedestrian infrastructure. 


The initiative has helped to reduce the number of collisions and road deaths as well as increasing pedestrian’s happiness.

Did you know?

Peatónito has met Antanas Mockus and Enrique Peñalosa. He was on the cover of the Wall Street Journal and he was also invited to take part in the Congress for the New Urbanism in Buffalo. Once, Peatónito as well as his alter ego were invited to the same Congress and they both had booked rooms. 

Sustainability and Replicability

Peatónito encourages everyone to try replicating his initiative. According to him it is very easy, one only needs a mask and the will to defend pedestrians. 

Lessons learned

Fun and games are great tools to promote citizenship and civic participation towards the construction of more human cities.

Take Action

Spread the message, be a peatónito in your city.  Send an e-mail to for more information about this initiative. 


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