Good Home Here. Taipei, Taiwan

Initiative promoting youth engagement for a better urban development of the South Wanhua district, in Taipei 


Launched by students from the Graduate Institute of Building and Planning of the National Taiwan University, this initiative aims to promote the urban and cultural revitalization of the district of South Wanhua through youth engagement. Good Home Here empowers the youth and creates a social platform that functions as a bridge between the government and the community. The initiative focuses on the importance of sustainable development and grass-root ideas in communities dealing with rapid urban renewal process.

The students organize workshops, forums and events where history and architecture are discussed. Participants are encouraged to voice out their opinions upon the neighbourhood’s development.


  • Creation of a community newspaper
  • Development of a community map
  • Creation of a community co-working space
  • Publication of a local urban story book
  • Workshops and events held to preserve the cultural heritage of the district

Did you know?

In 2015, the students promoted a revitalization plan to the Department of Urban Development of the Taipei City Government and since then the initiative receives financial support from the government to continue its activities in the South Wanhua.

Sustainability and Replicability

The initiative’s sustainability depends on its local network, which has to be solid. The initiative can be easily replicated; it only requires the ability to organize a social network and foster citizens’ participation in a democratic environment.

Lessons learned

Youth are an untapped resource for community development. By developing practical programs that bring together students and local residents, universities can help students seeking for practical learning as well as locals eager to interact with the youth.

Take action

Contact the Good Home Here initiative to learn about their volunteering opportunities and current needs (

Huang, Shu-Mei, co-founder of Good Home Here

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