Mutualitas y Mutualitos

Farm school promoting the use of native seeds and organic production


Initiative that has converted a dumping ground of a low-income neighborhood in an urban organic garden to promote food sovereignty among low income communities.


  • Transforming a dumping ground into a farm school
  • Over 20,000 people trained
  • 500 families receive organic products from the urban gardens

Did you know?

In 2005, Rosa Poveda organized the first working group to help her clean the dumping ground. She was expecting around twenty to thirty people. However, more than 250 showed up!

Sustainability and Replicability

People have been trained all over Colombia, as well as in Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama, Italy, France and Switzerland. At each of those places, Mutualitas y Mutualitos, has been advocating for food safety, food sovereignty and self-sufficiency.

Lessons learned

Growing your own food, using native seeds and feeding yourself in a healthy way is easy. It isn’t necessary to keep degrading nature, there are already enough resources that can be recycled. It only takes some learning and support from the local authorities.

Take action

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