Initiative that promotes 100 urban interventions in a day to create awareness around urban culture and engage citizens in the design and management of cities.


100En1Día is a project for citizens to make their dreams a reality through urban actions during the course of a day. This way citizens become aware of their power to transform, albeit on a small scale.  The initiative’s goal is to show urban dwellers that they shouldn’t wait until their problems are solved, as they are also co-creators, co-participants and responsible of their own city.


100En1Día has been a generator of new urban movements and inspired  citizen initiatives in their capacity to promote urban transformation at local level. Impact generated so far have been the following:

  • 1,600 interventions
  • More than 30,000 participants around the world
  • 5 documents of how 100En1Día is done. These are shared with the core teams in each city

Did you know?

At 100En1Día citizens of all ages take part, from young to elderly people such as Doña Esperanza who from the first moment encouraged an intervention to reduce traffic accidents in Marsella, her neighborhood in Bogotá. She wrote to the local majyor, and after two years, a traffic light was placed in one of the most dangerous road crossings of the area. 

Sustainability and Replicability

So far the initiative has been replicated at Pasto, Pamplona, Yumbo, Chinú and Cali, in Colombia; and in cities like San José, Costa Rica; Managua, Nicaragua; Rio de Janeiro and Blumenau in Brazil; Santiago de Chile y Valparaiso, in Chile; Tijuana y Tuxla Gutierrez, Mexico; Montreal, Toronto, Halifax and Vancouver, in Canada; Cape Town, Sudáfrica; Copenhague, Denmark; Geneve, Switzerland; Kaluga,Rusia; or Milan in Italy.

One of the challenges facing the initiative is to remain independent of governments in order to remain a citizens’ movement for citizens. To guarantee this independence, organizers intend to  create a platform for cities to exchange information and allow an easier way of exchanging information, promoting knowledge transfer and enhancing joint innovation. 

Lessons learned

 Citizens generate mechanisms that are a crucial source for urban solutions. 

Take Action

  • Organize 100in1day event in your city: write to info@100in1day.com and ask for the first step document!
  • Do you have an idea to support the movement? You can do it locally or globally. Contact the organization.  

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