WeMakeThe.City, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Fostering the exchange and sharing of ideas to make the city better


WeMakeThe.City is the largest festival in Europe celebrating urban living whilst addressing important urban issues in the metropolitan region of Amsterdam.
The 5-day festival included numerous programmes and activities about working together to make the Amsterdam metropolitan region better: fairer, more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive.


  • 5-day festival
  • 20 urban themes
  • +100 events
  • 145 locations
  • 180 nationalities
  • 600 speakers
  • +30,000 participants

Did you know?

WeMakeThe.City suggests various routes to follow across the city in the different districts of Amsterdam. This routes are addressed to all the publics, including kids, students, or seniors, and can be done following different topics. As a result, everybody can enjoy at their best all the events, exhibitions and activities available during the Festival.

Sustainability and Replicability

More and more cities are hosting festivals to improve the well-being of their citizens, such as the MakeCity festival in Berlin. It is important that every city put up something that is connected to its spirit and philosophy.

Lessons learned

The notion of co-creation as a mean to address complex urban challenges is here to stay. There is increasing awareness of the fact that a collaborative approach to city-making, which considers knowledge institutions, businesses, civil society and the government to be equal partners, enhances social innovation for a more successful, sustainable and inclusive city.

Take action

The Festival is always looking for volunteers to help out during the whole process: find out how to sign up for next year’s edition and contribute to a better city. Learn More about the Festival.

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