Derive Lab

Promoting the recovery of spaces in certain roads, originally for cars, to create public spaces for pedestrians 


Dérive LAB is a social organization dedicated to the research, reflection and urban intervention in matters of social housing, transport, walkability, public space and dignity. Its main objectives are to explore, understand, and inspire new ways to experience the city.


  • #CebrasporlaVida México project: more than 8 creative pedestrian cruises were implemented in different cities of the country.
  • Project #reImagine the city: this urban innovation contest received more than 50 international  proposals on how to transform public spaces in the cities.
  • Project #GaleríaBallindamm: during 1 year, an abandoned alley was transformed into an outdoor gallery and hosted workshops, art exhibitions, academic lectures and film screenings.

Did you know?

One of the projects of Dérive LAB, #CalleEjemplar, was the winner of the Urban Sustainability Prize of 2014, in the framework of the World Urban Forum. The overall implementation of this project did not exceed $250. Its objective is to spatially transform a street using scarce resources in cooperation with neighbours. The implementation handbook of this project can be downloaded for free at

Sustainability and Replicability

Dérive LAB’s projects were already replicated in different cities of Mexico and Colombia. In its webpage you can find publications, methodologies and manuals on the projects, available online to encourage citizens to join forces and replicate the ideas.

All initiatives idealized by Dérive LAB are easy, quick and economic, to ensure that they can be executed by any organization.

Lessons learned

In general, citizens want to participate and feel that they are part of the change when building their city. Governments must begin to believe and trust in this local knowledge, initiatives, and wishes: it is necessary to empower these actions and support people who are proposing them.

Take action

Contact Dérive LAB, support their actions and replicate innovative ideas in your city!

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