Startup in Residence, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Connecting startups with key social and urban challenges


Startup in Residence upholds an innovative collaboration between governments and startups. After identifying the urban issues in the city, the program invites both Dutch and international startups to collaborate with the local government to tackle these challenges in a concrete way.


Founded in 2015 in Amsterdam, the Startup in Residence program has already guided 27 startups, and is still working with 23 of them to make life of Amsterdamers better.

Did you know?

After the success of the program in Amsterdam, The Ministry of Defense launched its first edition on July 2018, to tackle its very own challenges.

Sustainability and Replicability

In Netherlands, the program has been replicated in the cities of The Hague, Utrecht, Groningen, in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, the provinces of Gelderland, South and North Holland and Overijssel, and the Ministries of Justice and Security, Interior and Kingdom relations, and the Ministry of Defense.
All of these programs are consolidated under a single name, a single website, and they are all connected and can benefit and learn from one another.

Lessons learned

Public sector tends to face urban challenges on their own, forgetting that innovative and efficient solutions can emerge from the participation of different players. Inviting startups to collaborate and solve urban issues allows to combine technology, innovation and public policies for the benefit of all citizens.

Take action

If you have a startup devising innovative solutions to social and urban issues, you can get involved in making the city better. The program also exists in San Francisco.
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