MakeCity, Berlin, Germany

A Festival for Architecture and Urban Alternatives in Berlin


In Berlin, like in many other big cities in the world, challenges of population growth, property speculation and climate change are leading to the rethink of the city’s life and structure.
MakeCity is a 17 days Festival in Berlin that encourages a critical debate to offer architecture and urban alternatives in order to remix the city, creating bridges between different conceptions of the city through a transdisciplinary approach. Three themes structure the Festival: Architecture&Space, Urban&Nature and Structures&Processes.


This year, MakeCity Festival featured over 120 events:

  • exhibitions
  • workshops
  • +80 urban tours and open house events
  • +50 studio talks
  • urban hubs
  • 9 days of the conference at the Festival Center

Did you know?

As a result of the financial crisis in Berlin, spontaneous new coalitions between civic groups, municipalities, urban designers, architects, developers have emerged, rethinking the notion of citizenship and allowing civic initiatives to develop.
The encounter of these different points of view is the foundation and goal of the festival.

Sustainability and Replicability

After the first edition in 2015 without any funding from the city, MakeCity Festival has managed to obtain funding from the German Lottery Foundation, the Center for Urban Development, and to generate interest from the administrations. It is essential to count on the support of local governments to foster a large-scale transformation.

Lessons learned

A transdisciplinary and trans-sectoral approach with as many different partners as possible is essential to develop a wide and creative reflection about the city  and decide how we want it to be in the future.

Take action

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