Casa Geração

Promoting social inclusion through fashion design in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro


Casa Geração Vidigal  is a fashion school and creative lab that aims to include young people from the slums of Rio de Janeiro into the fashion market. Their work consists in identifying, training and promoting young fashion talents. Everything that is produced by this fashion school is commercialized and both the school and the students receive a financial return from it.

The school is open to all young locals and it is free of charge for young residents of the slums of Rio.


The school graduates 20 students a year. All of them end up being hired or have created their own brands.

Did you know?

The school is open 7 days a week and students are free to go to school out of the training hours whenever they want, to work on their designs, to cook and even to sleep if they need to.

Sustainability and Replicability

Casa Geração Vidigal has been replicated in the neighborhood of Cidade de Deus, another slum of Rio de Janeiro, where the same work is being developed in the photography field.

The initiative is replicable anywhere in the world as long as there is a committed team willing to invest time and resources in selecting and training potential young fashion artists in the fashion and design industry.

Lessons learned

It is necessary to develop local cultures to function as catalysts of exchanges between people from different neighborhoods and economic conditions.

Take action

Give support to young Brazilian fashion designers from the Casa Geraçao Vidigal and invest in their creativity! Get in touch with the organization for more information.

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