Cidades Sem Fome

Social integration of vulnerable groups using horticulture as a tool for inclusivity  improving children and adults nutrition


Cidades sem Fome (Cities without Hunger) is a NGO which sets up sustainable agrarian projects in urban and rural areas based on organic farming in order to help and teach people to manage their own business and become financially independent.

The projects of Community Gardens, School Gardens and Agricultural Greenhouses have been developed in the suburbs of the city of Sao Paulo on unused and neglected public and private areas within social focal points to provide jobs and improve the diets of adults and children. In 2009 the Small Family Farms Project, the organizations fourth project, has been set up in Rio Grande do Sul, to train farmers in multiple cropping as an alternative to monoculture and help them starting new businesses in organic farming.


  • 21 community gardens.
  • 17 gardens in public schools
  • 48 professional qualification courses: around 1,000 people qualified in agriculture or commerce.
  • generation of work and income for 150 families, benefiting 900 people indirectly
  • 115 people have become community gardeners. This means that along with their families some 650 people benefit from the project by having their livelihood guaranteed.
  • 7 greenhouses

Did you know?

In 2010 the initiative won the “Dubai International Award for Best Practice to Improve the Living Environment. 

Sustainability and Replicability

The School Gardens project has already been replicated in the cities of Porto Ferreira (Sao Paulo) y Ponta Grossa (Paraná). Their idea is to extend the project to other cities of Brazil and the world.

Hans Temp, founder of the initiative, states that the great challenge of replicability is to publicise the project among the political and business environment in order to increase the opportunities of funding and expand the project.

Lessons learned

To reach the goals of the project it is keen to develop a participatory process among the partners, the organisation and the beneficiaries. If the community is not interested in setting up the garden the project won’t be sustainable.

Take action

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