Mejor en Bici

 Promoting overall mobility solutions by encouraging the use of bicycles


Initiative aimed at improving mobility of workers from their homes to their corporations by offering bicycles that can be taken home, while reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to a healthy environment.


  • More than 1,200 members
  • More than 215 bikes running daily in Bogotá
  • Over 1 ton CO2 saved

Did you know?

Pacific Rubiales CEO (renowned Colombian oil company) goes to work by bicycle thanks to “Mejor en Bici” 

Sustainability and Replicability

Mejor en Bici already implements bike sharing in more than twenty companies and universities in Bogotá. The objective is to keep increasing this number. The initiative is entirely replicable, its development only requires an entrepreneur in each city willing to lead it and involve organizations in using bicycles.

Lessons learned

Generating change in the people’s way of thinking is not easy, but it gives great results. Citizenship is the only force that will be able to make real changes in societies.

Take Action

Join Mejor en Bici through its different types of support. 

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