Vila Flores

Transformation of an abandoned space for artists and creative businesses in the city of Porto Alegre


Vila Flores is a cultural project in the city of Porto Alegre where a group of creative young people turned an abandoned space of 1415m2 into a dynamic cultural, educational and creative business center.

This initiative promotes the revitalization of the cultural heritage of the city of Porto Alegre through cultural activities and the creation of a work space for artists and creative entrepreneurs. The aim of this multidisciplinary space is to create an artistic and creative community that energises the neighbourhood and connect citizens with each other.


  • More than 30.000 people have already visited Vila Flores cultural center.
  • More than 100 activities have been developed including theatre, music, exhibitions, debates, architecture, urbanism, education and entrepreneurship workshops.
  • 500 academic articles have been published.

Did you know?

Vila Flores is an architectonic complex, 3 buildings and a patio which have been added to the Cultural Heritage of Porto Alegre. The Vila Flores Project was one of the finalists of Brasil Criativo Award, organised by the Ministry of Culture.

Sustainability and Replicability

Vila Flores includes several artists and professionals from creative industries that are based in the cultural center and that rent space to work, thus generating income to the center. The organizers believe that this cultural initiative can be replicated in other Brazilian cities when it is adapted to the local context.

Lessons learned

For an urban initiative to be successful it is essential that projects meet the real demands of citizens. Porto Alegre was crying out for a cultural and creative center in the district: Vila Flores has met that demand.

Take action

Contact the initiative to support their activities and learn more about ways to replicate this project in your city.

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