Saigon Makeover

Fostering creative engagement with regards to public space in Ho Chi Minh City


Lauched by creative hub Global Shapers in 2014, Saigon Makeover is a graphic design competition that seeks to encourage young people to transform Ho Chi Mihn City adressing the issues of community, creativity and public space.


  • More than 150 ideas compiled for the competition for urban city re-designers
  • Raised awareness of the importance of public space in the city through several workshops and campaigns
  • Partnerships with media and several universities to promote the ideas from the competition and help to think of the city in a more innovative and inclusive way


Did you know?

Saigon Makeover was something unique to Vietnam and for many in the team it was a process of learn as you go. For instance, with the two-month competition, even with positive Facebook feedback they had no idea if it was going to work or people were going to contribute until the very end. A few days before the competition’s deadline, there was about 30-40 entries. The day before the deadline there was about 70 entries, and by the end of the deadline they went up to 150.

Sustainability and Replicability

Saigon Makeover has been talking with other global shapers hubs about the possibility of replicating the initiative elsewhere. They would need to create a template to give enough guidance as well as enough leeway for other organizers to adapt the initiative to their location. 

Lessons learned

The role of citizens is important. The more ownership citizen feel of the city, the more likely they will care for it and have a stake in making it a better place.

Take action

Join the Hub Global Shapers in your city and help to develop more initiatives such as Saigon Makeover.

Anh-Thu Nguyen and Doan Thanh Hoa, Co-Founders

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