Waste Management Forum in Bandung

Connecting stakeholders around waste management challenges to create a common vision and enhance creative collaboration 


The initiative is a collaborative network that aims to connect cross-sectors stakeholders in order to create a common vision on how to enhance waste management in Bandung City, restoring its image of “the flower city”. This effort is fostered through informal Forums where every citizen is equally represented, generating friendship and a more fluid and creative collaboration among people from different areas.


  • 9 policy research projects through Bandung Government Environmental Agency
  • 6 policy reports for decision makers and citizenship
  • Co-Development of the Bandung City Waste Management Masterplan
  • Co-development of the municipal mobile application for the citizens to send geo-located information on the waste problem in Bandung: Bebassampah.id

Did you know?

The Forum’s initiative started in 2013 from informal lobbies through friendship networks. This aspect was keen to create cross border connections among the government, NGOs, journalists and the private sector.

Sustainability and Replicability

The future of the Forum will depend on its ability to keep increasing the initiative’s main resource: its social capital (trust, network and common visions).
This initiative can be replicated in every city through the set up of friendship networks and the practice of informal interventions.

Lessons learned

The sustainability agenda of cities can only be ensured through an active participatory process with all stakeholders.

Take Action

Spread the message! Promote the activities of the Forum. Contact them and learn more on how you can replicate this initiative in your city.

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