Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF)

Creative space to promote education, culture and creative businesses in a participatory manner


BCCF is an independent organization that aims to serve the general public and creative community in Bandung. In its every activity, BCCF use creativity-based educational approach and encourage private as well as community creative entrepreneurship. The organization initiates many arts and culture-focused projects, and aims to widen the creative network in a collective effort to make Bandung a creative city ready and capable to compete and collaborate in the global context.


  • Set up of the Creative Young Entrepreneur Network to accommodate various types of creative entrepreneurial communities in Bandung
  • 2 Bandung Creative Hubs: public spaces used as art nodes where the creative communities from all over Bandung can meet and discuss their crafts, experiences, ideas and aspirations.

Did you know?

BCCF was founded by the architect and current city mayor of Bandung Mr. Ridwan Kamil, together with the creative community of Bandung in 2008. Now, as a mayor, Kamil directly supports the organization working for the growth of an art-based creative economy in Bandung.

Sustainability and Replicability

The idea is to multiply the arts and cultural nodes in neighborhoods all across Bandung to encourage community bonding. Activities and events in the Hubs can be arranged for free by any citizen. However, if the activity is sponsored, the organizers have to pay for rental and utility fees.

As a network to foster creative approaches and cross-sector exchanges, the initiative is a good practice easy to replicate, it only requires social capital and public infrastructure to be used as art nodes by communities.

Lessons learned

Allocating spaces for young people to interact and co-create is essential to enable innovative ecosystems that contribute to social transformation of cities.

Take Action

  • Spread the message and promote  the BCCF initiative: Tell your friends, write an article about it, distribute its contents among your networks.
  • Contact the BCCF initiative to learn about their volunteering opportunities and current needs
  • Get informed and learn how you can replicate this initiative in your city



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