Eco Bali

Promoting responsible waste disposal and sustainable solutions to waste management in Bali


Formed by professionals experienced in environmental issues and educational programs, the initiatives´ focus is to achieve “Zero Waste” and preserve the city´s environment. To achieve this objective, Eco Bali provides sustainable solutions to waste management problems while increasing awareness on environmental best practices among individuals, communities and businesses through training and coaching sessions. The initiative also provides a tailored waste collection service, material recycling and installation of composting systems for households and businesses.


  • Collects an average of 15 tons of non-organic waste every month
  • Has achieved 50-70% of waste reduction in the city
  • Has established several school programs in South Bali

Did you know?

Eco Bali partnered with Tetra Pak Indonesia to establish a beverage carton-recycling program that collects and recycles more than 140 tons annually and involves over 5,000 children and 21 hotels in environmental educational programs.

[inModule title="Sustainability and Replicability"]The initiative is sustained by the selling of products made of recycled material, such as roofing material and glassware. The installation of composting systems and the training sessions also provide the organization financial sustainability. Most of the solutions proposed by Eco Bali are very easy to apply, with a well motivated team this initiative could be replicated every where.

Lessons learned

Citizens can contribute to enhance public services by organizing themselves.

Take action

Spread the message! Contact Eco Bali and learn more on how you can replicate this initiative in your city

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