Ours. Taipei, Taiwan

Initiative promoting better urban development for housing conditions in low-income communities of Taipei


OURS is an academic foundation focused on research and project development for institutions that help people without a home or with homes in bad conditions.

It was founded in 1987, right after the Martial law was cancelled in Taiwan and it became a free democratic country.

OURS was inspired by the Snail Without Shell movement, a social protest against the Government housing and urban policies that claimed for better conditions for the low-income districts during the late 80s.


  • A housing justice campaign called “Nest Movement”, which gathered together a Social Housing Advocacy Consortium and 101 NGOs and activists
  • Increased concern among politicians about social housing policies

Did you know?

“Snail without shell” is the direct translation of the Chinese expression to name people without a house. When Taiwan became a free country, citizens used this expression to protest against bad housing conditions of a big part of the population and for their right to have a decent home.

Sustainability and Replicability

  • Sustainability is a cross-cutting subject to all aspects of urban life
  • Experiments are healthy for building an open village
  • Dynamic conservation goes beyond protecting houses: it is about preserving people’s way of living

Lessons learned

When researchers, activists and artists work together, they can make a government turn their unfair politics upside-down.

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