Youth and Environment

Group of university students who organize events to raise awareness about the risks of air pollution

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Y4E (Youth for Environment) is a social initiative launched in 2014 by college students concerned about environmental protection in Beijing.  With the support of local government departments, community volunteers and civil society organizations, the initiative aims to enhance public’s awareness on the city’s environmental issues, drawing special attention to the high levels of atmospheric pollution in Beijing. Through campaigns, events, speeches and professional environment trainings, the Y4E invites citizens to change their daily behaviours and adopt green lifestyles.


  • Y4E initiative has inspired other environmental activities and also the public to care about our environment and health.
  • Several speeches in colleges, communities and parks

Did you know?

Currently, Youth for Environment works together with Jia Cui Environmental Promotive Center and the UN Environment Programme to promote the “Sustainable Urban Development and Liveable garden Community – China Programme”. The program’s objective is to comprehensively promote the various advanced experiences, technology and policy concepts, as  well as  the low carbon economy and climate change measures in the field of the international sustainable urban and community in China.

Sustainability and Replicability

The sustainability of Y4E requires collective efforts from all the environment-caring people to keep increasing the project’s publicity, funds and citizen engagement. The organizers consider that this kind of initiative can always be improved and adapted to different contexts and regions.

Lessons learned

Youth can actively contribute to environmental protection by voicing their concerns, ideas and suggestions to the municipal government and raising awareness among their communities on how to adopt a green lifestyle.

Take Action

  • Spread the message and promote  the Y4E initiative: Tell your friends, write an article about it, distribute its contents among your networks.
  • Contact the Y4E initiative to learn about their volunteering opportunities and current needs
  • Get informed and learn how you can replicate this initiative in your city

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