Seoul Forest Park

Initiative that created a green area with the collaboration of citizens


 The Seoul Forest Park was opened in 2006 with 1.15 million m² of land. The project was founded with the approval of the majority of the population of Seoul. For its creation the ideas where gathered through dialogue between citizens and experts via the Green Trust Foundation.


  • 66.882 Citizens Participating in Service Activities.
  • More than 48.000 trees planted by citizens.
  • 101 Network groups.
  • 700 different species of plants and animals.

Did you know?

  • Before the park project, the space was intended to be a commercial complex, but citizens preferred for the park.

Sustainability and Replicability

  • There are 27 community parks gardens in Seoul and the maintenance is done between the state and the community members.

Lessons learned

 With the active implication of the community it is possible to achieve big objectives that are really important for the well-being of the citizens, like the Seoul Forest Park.

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