Deadline, Berlin, Germany

Designing and building co-operatively the city


For 25 years, the architect’s office Deadline has promoted alternative models of development to increasingly involve people in creating the city.


The building Slender was awarded a distinction in the Architekturpreis Berlin 2003, by a jury of internationally renowned architects.

Did you know?

One of the current Deadline’s projects, Frizz23, is a co-developed building by the users gathered in a co-operative for arts, education and creative industries. The building will hold seminar rooms, studios, co-working spaces, offices, a café, a gallery, a non-profit school…

Sustainability and Replicability

The assembly model, applied in Frizz23, is a viable model for a commercial construction: all project participants are users and investors at the same time, the units are all individually designed according to the needs and possibilities of the users, and their participation at every level allows a rich, mixed and eclectic building.

Lessons learned

Participatory urban development allows people to truly participate in the urban development of their city: as stakeholders, they can set priorities, preserve the culture and diversity of their neighborhood and in the long term, adjust public policy for the city.

Take action

  • Learn more and engage with Deadline and share your point of view and your knowledge.
  • Interact with the initiative on their blog.
  • Talk about your friends about the possibilities of replicating the initiative in your city.



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