Scandinavian Green Roof Institute. Malmö, Sweden

Promoting green roofs and façades throughout Scandinavia


Scandinavian Green Roof Institute (SGRI) was created at the beginning of 2000 to manage the development of Augustenborg’s Botanical Roof garden.
The SGRI has several activities: it organizes study tours, courses and seminars at the roof garden, showcases products and innovation on their facility roofs, initiates and participates in research and education programs, with local, national and European funding, and handles the regular maintenance of 40 to 50 roofs around the city each year. In a few words, the SGRI spreads information, inspiration and do research.


The benefits of green roofs are:

  • Natural water and air purification
  • Richer urban biodiversity
  • Increased ecological connectivity and green corridors
  • Reduced Urban Heat Islands phenomena
  • Reduced runoff

Did you know?

The roof garden is a part of the Augustenborg Eco-City.
Malmö used to be an industrial city, and when it changed to be a more ecological and sustainable city, the neighborhood of Augustenborg applied the same principles, transforming a run-down neighbourhood into an environmentally sustainable and attractive place to live
The SGRI’s roof is 10 000 m2, presenting different types of green roofs, showcasing their importance, their benefits and the various possibilities of urban vegetation techniques and what it can do for urban climate.

Sustainability and Replicability

Any roof can become a green roof, even the smallest: bicycle garages, waste disposal house or vast building roof, 20 m2 is enough to contribute at different scales to an upscaled urban environment.

Lessons learned

Establishing green roofs is a win-win for the cities: it is easy, fast and with a rather simple maintenance. It contributes to the ecological good health of the urban environment, making the city more livable, sustainable and farsighted.

Take action

Learn more about the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute and how to easily establish a green roof in your city.
Interact and find out about all the events, tour or seminars SGRI organizes.

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