Communities for Healthy Food

An initiative promoting a healthy diet through gardening and cooking among youth in low-income neighborhoods 


Communities for Healthy Food is a collaboration between Local Initiatives Support Corporation of New York (LISC) and Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation (NEBHDCo). It consists of an urban garden and kitchen where youths from low-income neighborhoods can learn how to grow and cook their own healthy food. The target is to make healthy food affordable for everyone by selling the products of the garden at reasonable prices for their own pantry.


  • 54 residents trained as farmers and community chefs
  • 800 families enrolled in public nutrition programs
  • 10 new farms and gardens
  • Cooking lessons for 650 residents

Did you know?

Over a third of the people in Northeast Brooklyn suffer from obesity and diet related diseases. Changing food access and eating habits can break the inner relation between poverty, unemployment, and diet diseases which are preventable.

Sustainability and Replicability

There is empty space in almost every city in the world. Also, diet diseases and lack of access to healthy food for low-income families are extended. Using those empty spaces for families to learn how to prepare their own healthy diet is easily replicable and 100% sustainable.

Lessons learned

Basic education on how to grow and cook your own food can change the eating habits and lifestyle of a family and thus, of a whole community.

Take action

Help reduce diet diseases among low-income families! Contact the initiative for more information on how it can be replicated in your city.

Colleen Flynn, Community Development Officer at LISC NYC

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