Pavement to Parks. San Francisco, United States

Initiative that transforms streets in order to provide new spaces for citizens 


 Pavement to Parks is an initiative driven by the San Francisco Planning Department, the Department of public works, the Municipal Transportation Agency, some non-profit organizations. It is conducted with the active participation of neighbors to give streets another use for the benefit of citizenship.


  • Over sixty unique parklets throughout the City of San Francisco
  • Nine “pedestrian plazas” transformed from previous other uses such as roadway, railway property and school grounds
  • Over a dozen partnerships with NGOs, arts organizations, educational institutions, and neighborhood groups
  • An award-winning Parklet Manual and other world-class technical guidance materials

Did you know?

  • All Pavement to Parks projects begin with ideas submitted by residents in the neighborhood. This means that projects are more likely to represent real needs, have the capacity to stay relevant over time, and are managed more effectively.
  • It is the first top down and bottom up program of this type in the United States.
  • Successful pop-up plazas can demonstrate the need for conversion to permanent places.

Sustainability and Replicability

  • The first parklets were tested in San Francisco, and these have since been replicated in cities around the world. Pavement to Parks is a City Program that facilitates community-initiated requests for open space.
  • The City of San Francisco is creating dedicated funding to offset some of the costs faced by community organizations creating pedestrian plazas.
  • By making our streets safer and more comfortable, Pavement to Parks projects also help to encourage active transportation such as walking and biking.

Lessons learned

 It is really important to work intimately with neighbors, residents and people who are living and working in the neighborhoods, because they have the best ideas for what their neighborhood needs.

Take action

Contact Pavement to Parks and propose a new park or plaza here.

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