San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

Initiative promoting the use of bicycles for everyday transportation in San Francisco 


The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is a citizens’ organisation formed in 1971 in San Francisco. It is one of the oldest, largest and most effective bicycle advocacy groups in the country. It works to educate different people, from elected officials to decision makers, about the best ways to design city streets so that they’re safe for people who are walking and biking.


  • More than 15000 kids and adults took the bicycling safety education classes
  • More than 9000 hours donated by over 800 volunteers to the SF Bicycle Coalition
  • More than 1000 bike lights installed for those riding at night without them

Did you know?

  • The number of people riding bikes in San Francisco has doubled in the last few years.
  • The city of San Francisco, like many cities in the US, has recently adopted a Vision Zero goal of eliminating all traffic deaths in serious injuries in the next 10 years.

Sustainability and Replicability

  • The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is part of a national coalition of bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups called The Alliance for Biking and Walking. There are over 250 similar organizations across the US.
  • The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has 10,000 members that are on the streets everyday educating people and over 30,000 supporters.

Lessons learned

 The use of bicycles as a mean of transport benefits the environment and promotes mobility in cities.

Take action

Read here to see how you can get involved. Make a donation and support the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

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