The Intervale Center. Burlington, United States

Working for farm viability, a sustainable use of lands and community food engagement


The Intervale Center is a food and farming non-profit organisation born in 1988 in Vermont that manages 360 acres of farmlands. Its mission is to enhance farm viability, promote a sustainable use of agricultural lands and ensure community engagement in the food system.

To achieve its objectives, the organisation runs 5 programs: Farm Incubation, Farm Business Planning, Conservation Nursery, Food Hub and Gleaning and Food Rescue. The result is a mature community built around growing, eating and celebrating locally grown food.


+ 65 farms supported with business planning and technical assistance in 2016

New markets for local producers

Watersheds improved: 33,000 trees planted to stabilize riverbanks and prevent runoff along rivers and streams in Vermont

Raised awareness of health and local food and the sustainable use of agricultural land through food events

150 families fed with free and gleaned vegetables through the Gleaning and Food Rescue Program

Did you know?

The Intervale Center itself has a long history of agricultural productivity as Native Americans farmed here a millennium ago.

It has become a nationally recognized organisation for sustainable agriculture.

Sustainability and Replicability

The Intervale Center’s Conservation Nursery program is dedicated to growing native, locally sourced trees for restoration projects throughout Vermont. Plants are grown ecologically without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

This organization aims to serve as a model for food and farming organizations throughout the world.

Lessons learned

It’s important to reconnect the consumer with the countryside as a way of taking care of the land and the footprint we have.

When farms and food businesses thrive, natural resources are healthy and protected, and people are nourished and happy.

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