Alliance for Arts + Culture. Vancouver, Canada

Alliance of artists and cultural workers that advocates for the value of arts and culture in society 


The Alliance for Arts + Culture is a non-for-profit representing members from across the artistic disciplines throughout British Columbia (BC). They aim to increase public awareness of the value of arts and culture. They also do advocacy work to various levels of government on arts policy and funding. The Alliance is currently leading an effort to develop public policy supporting arts and culture through the BC Creative Convergence initiative, with the objective of the development of a provincial cultural policy framework.


  • The Alliance represents 350 cultural organizations and individuals
  • It has its own grant program for small artists and companies
  • It provides Financial services and legal support to all its members

Did you know?

Whilst Europe has a big tradition on public funding for arts and culture, and the USA relies more on private patronage, Canada’s middle ground situation leads small artists and culture workers to be often abandoned.

Sustainability and Replicability

Local artists often face challenges raising the funds to do their work without either sacrificing their artistic integrity or going bankrupt. Alliances are powerful platforms to advocate for their rights and for the future of arts and culture.

Lessons learned

Arts and culture are a life-enhancing and essential part of our existence. They bring pleasure, participation, self-expression and essential skills into people’s lives. By speaking with one voice and working together, cultural alliances can become strong advocates for arts, culture, heritage and the humanities.

Take action

The Alliance is a non-for-profit organization and gratefully accepts donations from those who wish to support the arts, cultural and heritage community. You can also take action and initiate a cultural alliance to ensure that the arts and culture will continue to thrive in your city!

Contact Amanda Peters, Communications Manager of the Alliance for Arts + Culture

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