La Ciudad Verde

 Promoting sustainable cities through academic evidence, direct action of the citizenship and creativity


Urban activism initiative that aims to promote sustainability in Medellin through different projects and policy recommendations.


  • Present in 8 cities
  • Citizen contributions proposed in 7 development plans
  • Over 100 “Lunes de Ciudad” (City Mondays) in 5 cities, bringing together more than 3,000 citizens and urban sustainability experts
  • Over 30 tactical urbanism actions (Rey Peatón, Bicis por la Vida, TwitterCicla)
  • Compilation of the only database with verifiable urban sustainability indicators in 35 Colombian municipalities

Sustainability and Replicability

La Ciudad Verde started in one city, but over the years, they have consolidated similar groups in 8 other cities of Colombia. Lessons are transferred from one city to the other, and they have proactively prepare themselves to face the problems that have already occurred in other cities.

Lessons learned

The most important decisions in a society are taking by politicians, however politics is based and shaped by organized citizen action.

When we give citizens the right tools to encourage their participation, the results are exciting.

Take Action

Join La Ciudad Verde team and help to promote more sustainable cities and regions. 

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