Co-working and entrepreneurship. Kigali, Rwanda

The emergence of working hubs to promote social entrepreneurship in Kigali


Working Hubs are spaces where entrepreneurs and innovators come together to work on their ideas and projects and turn them into viable business models. The purpose of the working hubs is to facilitate collaborative work and support the development of entrepreneurs’ skills and opportunities. The co-working environments are a perfect complement to the tech hubs that are popping up across the African continent. The Office in Kigali is a great example. This dynamic co-working space is part of Impact HUB Kigali and kLab networks and it is making a difference in the Rwandan entrepreneurial ecosystem.


– Klab community has more than 250 members and different projects emerging. – Impact Hub Rwanda has currently 33 members using the co-working space with a 71% capacity occupation. – In 2017 they’ve hosted IamKigali, Climate Hackathon, Accelerate2030, worked with ALU´s Student Venture Program and are in the process of preparing an energy-focused program with WWF.

Did you know?

– The Office was the first co-working space in Kigali, which later evolved into Impact Hub Kigali for connecting people globally. – kLab, ‘k’ stands for knowledge lab, and it is mainly focused in technology.

Sustainability and Replicability

kLab, The Office and Impact Hub are financed differently. Impact Hub Kigali and The Office work independently basically as real state managers, while kLab is financed by the Rwandan government, and both cases are successful. These two models are replicable locally and globally, and can also function perfectly in both, small and large communities.

Lessons learned

Young people are interested in entrepreneurship not only to make money but to be part of the change they want to see a change in their communities. The power of co-working hubs is to bring people together that are willing to share, collaborate and give support to others.

Take action

– Spread the message and promote The Office, Impact Hub Kigali and kLab initiatives. – Talk with your friends, write an article, and share this content in your networks. – Find out and learn how you can replicate these initiatives in your city.

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