Kibo Africa Motorcycles, Nairobi, Kenya

Making motorcycle transport safer and more reliable in Nairobi, Kenya


Koneksie is a social enterprise that focuses on commercial solutions for social problems in emerging countries.

Their mission is to bring safe and reliable mobility to various target groups, from the base of the pyramid to the growing middle class in Africa.

Annually, over 900 people die due to motorbike-related accidents in Kenya.

Koneksie´s first mobility solution is called Kibo. Kibo is a motorcycle company in Kenya that produces safe and reliable motorcycles built for Africa. It also offers rider training, warranty and high-quality customer service. Kibo targets customers ranging from small organizations to fleet owners.

Koneksie is also developing a new start-up to provide motorcycle taxi services in Africa.


– Kibo is proudly the first purpose-built motorbike in Africa for Africans.

– Kibo´s first solution is its flagship K150 motorcycle.

– Kibo works with more than 25 suppliers across Europe and Africa.

– There are three Kibo Centers already open.

Did you know?

Kibo motorbikes are designed in Holland, made in Kenya and built for Africa.
A group of 150 Kibo motorbikes users including female passengers, riders, mechanics and students in Nairobi provided feedback on the product to ensure that this new motorbike fits into the African market.

Sustainability and Replicability

Kibo improves mobility by keeping roads and people safe with a new product that is reliable. The initiative trains motorbike fitters providing them with skills and opportunities to become retrain local welders and manufacturers and thus encouraging the local mobility industry.

The initiative is replicable in other cities as long as the private sector is willing to invest in the local mobility industry. Instead of importing motorbikes, there is a potential to work with regional suppliers and train locals to become professional welders and manufacturers. Lack of financing and investment and the need of a more mature mobility industry might affect the sustainability of this type of pioneer initiative.

Lessons learned

The success of commercial solutions for social problems in emerging countries depends largely on the understanding of the market and the engagement of the local community in testing and providing feedback on the products and services.

Take action

– Spread the message and promote the Kibo initiative. Talk with your friends, write an article, and share this content in your networks.

– Find out and learn how you can replicate that initiative in your city.

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