Future Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa

 Co-creating future cities, together


Future Cape Town was started by Rashiq Fataar in July 2010, in the period after South Africa’s successful hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, initially as a means of stimulating a broader debate and questioning the future direction of the city.

Future Cape Town promotes dialogue and action about the future of cities, the involvement of young people in the area of urbanism; it also hosts conferences and events and provides consulting to private and public organizations in the areas of, transport, public space, architecture, economy and community engagement.


Through social media, publishing, events, research, and creative collaborations with the public, private and civil society sector, the organisation has expanded citizen access to urbanism, and co-created, co-designed and advocated for improvements to public spaces

Did you know?

Under the tagline “inspiring a more liveable city”, Future Cape Town was born as a social media account on Twitter, which began to challenge this status quo by prompting and asking tough questions about the ways in which the city would progress, in the process encouraging other citizens to do the same.

Sustainability and Replicability

Future Cape Town is the founding partner of Our Future Cities, which also houses Future Johannesburg, Future Lagos and Future London. Other cities worldwide can launch similar projects by starting a social media account to share information about their city and promote civic dialogue around urban issues.

Lessons learned

Social media is a good way to encourage citizens to speak up and include young people in the dialogue about the future they want for their city.

Take action

Sharing through social media the problems and improvements of the city you live in encourages other citizens to do the same and together the right questions can be asked. Take pictures, post blog articles, share data about your city and learn from what others are experiencing!

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