Open Streets Cape Town

A city-driven initiative working to change the concept of how streets are used, perceived and experienced 


Open Streets Cape Town (OSCT) is a non-profit organization founded by a group of volunteers. OSCT works to challenge the paradigm of urban mobility by carrying out campaigns, temporary interventions, dialogues, raise citizen awareness, spark public debate, and ultimately drive behavior change around the streets. This program offers a practical way to help bridge the city’s social and spatial divides.


  • 9 Open Streets Days in 5 different parts of Cape Town
  • Between 10,000 and 15,000 people participate
  • More than 100 volunteers are involved
  • Supported finically by local government (Transport for Cape Town); the WWF Nedbank Green Trust and a few private donors

Did you know?

Open Streets Cape Town was founded by a group of 11 volunteers in 2012; some of them became Board members and the “family” of volunteers that has surpassed 100 since then. Open Streets is often mentioned as an initiative that genuinely helps bring people together in a city where segregation and inequity are rife.

Sustainability and Replicability

There are hundreds of Open Streets programmes around the world, which indicate this is a global movement with a high degree of replicability. Open Streets travels to Bogota and demonstrated how the concept can be developed at different scales (depending on the context) as long as government is involved and there is a strong civic involvement. Cape Town is the first city to develop such programme in the continent with the intention to replicate it in other cities in the country and in the region.

Lessons learned

Creating shared spaces that bring people together no matter who we are or how we move, helps to embody respect for all. It creates a more equitable, integrated, safer and vibrant Cape Town.

Take action

Contact Open Streets initiative to learn about their volunteering opportunities here. Make a donation and support Open Streets.

Open Streets Cape Town team

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