Swachagraha. Bangalore, India

Creating powerful campaigns to change the habits regarding waste management


The Solid Waste Management Round Table (SWMRT) was created in 2009 to advocate for a sustainable waste management in Bangalore. SWMRT is a public interest collective of sustainable waste management practitioners working for the adoption of good practices by citizens and municipalities. Through powerful campaigns like 2Bin1Bag or Swachagraha, the SWMRT aims to spread information, change habits and influence policies on waste management.



2Bin1Bag :

  • Adopted in more than 15 cities
  • +200,000 households adopted 2 Bin1Bag
  • +180 tons waste avoid the landfill fate everyday
  • +200,000 garbage bags eliminated everyday

Swachagraha :

  • Coordinated 30 Composting Santhes (fairs) hosted by BBMP
  • More than 200 volunteers trained to conduct workshops
  • Curated more than 30 organic waste management solutions

Did you know?

Swachagraha is a Sanskrit word: swacha means “clean” and Graha means “planet”.
In India, almost 60% of the waste is organic material, and could be managed at home, with composting.
With 2Bin1Bag system, almost 90% of the waste (organic and the recyclable) is taking care of: the 10% left is sanitary waste, which should be reduced and can be incinerated by agencies.

Sustainability and Replicability

The SWMRT came up with 2Bin1Bag campaign in response of the recurrent garbage crisis in Bangalore, and the lack of adequate response from the municipalities. After putting the case in the High Court, the 2Bin1Bag system became the law in Bangalore on December 2015.

Lessons learned

A good campaign can have a really deep effect on habits, behaviours and can change policies. Starting with a small step like segregating our waste, composting or carrying our own bottle, we adopt good practices that can eventually change the law.

Take action

Learn more about Swachagraha or 2Bin1Bag, two of the many campaigns created or supported by  SWMRT. Interact and exchange with them to get involved.

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