Janaagraha. Bangalore, India

Giving the right platforms to connect citizens with civic agents to get their problems solved


Janaagraha Center for Citizenship and Democracy was founded in 2001 to catalyse active citizenship in city neighborhoods to improve quality of life.


Creation of online civic participation platforms to connect citizens with city agents to report problems and get them solved: I Change My City and I paid a bribe are two examples.
I Change My City has helped in addressing problems like garbage disposal, poor road conditions, street safety and security related issues:

  • +244,000 complaints posted on the website
  • +174,000 resolved
  • +600,000 users registered across the city of Bengaluru and Mumbai
  • used in +1000 cities and towns in India.

I paid a Bribe allows citizens to report corruption

  • +15 million website visits
  • +170,000 bribe reports
  • + 1000 cities and towns in India

Did you know?

As of June 2017, I Paid A Bribe (IPAB) has partnered with 30 other countries to create replica IPAB sites and has launched an international Crowdsourcing Against Corruption Coalition.
IPAB has received critical acclaim and recognition from institutions such as the New York Times, the BBC, The Hindu, the Economic Times, India Today, and Google. Today IPAB has transformed into a globally-recognized innovation in the fight against ‘retail’ corruption.

Sustainability and Replicability

Janaagraha has about 10 programs to connect citizens to the government in four main areas: Civic Learning, Civic Participation, Advocacy and Reforms and Research and Insights. By delivering modules, creating innovative platforms, on ground and online, and providing tools, Janaagraha aims to educate, advocate and facilitate public participation.

Lessons learned

It is not always easy to participate or get involved in civic life: providing innovative tools and means to speak out can also lead to an easier collaboration with governments, speed changes and improved life quality, making true that real changes begin with each one of us in our neighborhood.

Take action

Learn more about Janaagraha, all of their projects and interact with them. You can engage in the change of your city, or set up a similar project, and report a bribe in various cities around the world.


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