Garden on the Track Stockholm, Sweden

Transforming unused public space into a community urban garden


Trädgård på spåret’, Garden on the Track, is a non-profit association that started in 2012 as an opportunity to seize and enhance an overlooked space in the city to cultivate and educate, but also socialize with others. The garden was set up on an old unused train track of Stockholm.


Garden on the Track has achieved to:
– Build and run a functioning common garden
– To spread knowledge about cultivation and food
– Dedicate spaces for preschools who have their own boxes to learn and understand the process of nature and where their food is coming from.
– Develop a green vision of the future for the area and create a tightly-knit community

Did you know?

The name ‘Trädgård på spåret” can refer to different ideas: of course, the garden is located on a railway track, and in a sense it can move and change its location, and as an idea it can spread. In this way, the garden is on track in terms of sustainability and community cohesion.

Sustainability and Replicability

Garden on the Track doesn’t require from its members to be in charge of a full process: they don’t have to come regularly if they can’t or don’t feel like it. It is a community shared garden, as such the boxes are everyone’s and hopefully there’s always going to be someone to water and take care of the seedlings. This way, urban farming is more accessible and can reach more people.

Lessons learned

Urban environment is not only hard concrete: cities can also contain spaces for cultivation and reconnection with nature. It can be easy to spot an unused space and see it as an opportunity to educate and expose a new way for urban agriculture, more accessible and opened.

Take action

Learn more about the Trädgård på spåret, join or interact and find out about all the events Trädgård på spåret organizes.

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