La Cuadra

 Developing cultural activities that enhance neighborhood culture and promote an active citizenship


The initiative aims to rethink the use of public space to promote culture as a tool for diversity and inclusiveness. It is a space that democratizes art and demystifies the solemnity of dissemination venues.


  • 140 cultural events on a continuing basis
  • Over 2,500 artist involved
  • 85 training courses
  • 40 workshops
  • 60 themed projects on memory preservation

Did you know?

In the early years it rained so much that three of four exhibitions halls flooded. It rained so much that the organizers thought no one would make it to the exhibitions. Despite the weather, to their surprise, they had a full house.

Sustainability and Replicability

La Cuadra has been echoed by other local and regional projects such as: Corto Circuito Escenarios para el arte (10 años), La Cuadra del Centro, La Cuadra Dosquebradas, 360° en Barrio Providencia, La Calle del Arte en Cali, Calle Bohemia en Armenia, La Ronda en Manizales.

The organizers are always open for the project to be replicated anywhere in the world, the key is that the spaces opened for the exhibitions are self-owned and close to the community.

Lessons learned

Art and culture have a capacity for change in the city and are useful tools for fostering citizen participation in the construction of better cities.

Take Action

Replicate the initiative occupying public spaces of your city with cultural activities. Send an email to La Cuadra organisers for more information. 

María Garcia Isaza


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