Making a Difference (MAD). Hong Kong, China

Initiative that empowers and encourages young people in Asia to become change makers in their communities 


 Make a Difference is a community-initiated organisation that combines creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation to foster social, economic, personal and environmental change in Asia. MaD has developed different programs to achieve this positive change, including the annual MaD Forum, a regional event that aims at aspiring Asian change makers. The organisation also created year-round initiatives that target young people such as, the Jockey Club Make a Difference School and MaD Good Lab.


  • In January of 2015 the MaD Forum in the Kwai Fong neighborhood involved in about 1,300 people for the two-and-a-half-day event hosted by the Make a Difference Institute. Young people from 160 cities and 20 countries made presentations about their businesses and plans to solve social problems in their communities.
  • Good Lab, an extension of MaD is located near in the Kowloon Peninsula where about 20 social businesses are working hard to further develop the mission of MaD.

Did you know?

  • MaD was founded in 2009 just after the global financial crisis. As Hong Kongers were forced to change their focus and become less dependent of the finance sector, social entrepreneur Ada Wong founded MaD.

Sustainability and Replicability

  • MaD has been growing exponentially for the last 7 years with approximately 50 programs developed.  It has been a source of inspiration for many people. 

Lessons learned

 For a creative society it is important to empower young people because they are the next generation of decision-makers.

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