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Cauce Ciudadano

Training young people as agents of social change

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Cauce Ciudadano is a civil society organization that invests in the integral formation of young people as agents of change and encourages the construction of peaceful alternatives for the development of resilient people. Its mission is to promote the non-violence culture and empower young people through interventions that weave, strengthen and restore the social fabric in the community and educational level.


  • Training of more than 4,800 young people involved in criminal violence issues
  • Prevention work with more 250,000 children and adolescents 

Did you know?

The Cauce Ciudadano started 15 years ago through the initiative of Carlos Alberto, who belonged to a youth gang. After the murder of one of his fellows, Carlos decided to dedicate his life to create empowering alternatives to transform the lives of young people involved in crime.

Sustainability and Replicability

Currently  Cauce Ciudadano is a national organization articulated with different countries of Latin America. The organization works directly with 7 States of Mexico and is present in other 18 States through partnerships with organizations. The initiative is also the referent of the Italian anti-mafia network Liberà.

Lessons learned

Young people implicated in crime are a reflection of urban problems. Therefore it is essential to offer them opportunities so that they can become agents of change able to positively impact life in the cities.

Take Action

Support Cauce Ciudadano as a volunteer and/or requesting their social services.

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