Pocket Parks Collective

Collective of young people aiming to find common uses of green public space of Hong Kong 


Pocket Parks Collective is the result of Maggie Lin and Rachel Yan’s research on how people commonly use public spaces. Hong Kong laws are very restrictive on the use of public spaces, while the population, specially the youth, advocate for more open and dynamic activities. Maggie and Rachel created this project where they do pop-up activities in small parks of Hong Kong after listening to the neighbors’ ideas. The goal is to strengthen the communication between people who usually don’t know each other and to create spaces for conversation and social interaction.


  • 50 persons trained and involved in the project
  • 8 pop-up activities
  • “Urban acupuncture” consisting of small art pieces on urban furniture and transport
  • “Fragrant Harbour” consisting of a map of 2,000 urban smells that people relate to special anecdotes or emotions


Did you know?

Hong Kong’s houses are small due to its hyper-population and lack of building space and the activities in its small parks are very restricted, so people don’t have free spaces where to reunite, do activities together and meet each other.

Sustainability and Replicability

Pop-up events are meant to happen without leaving a trace. Laws on public parks and spaces are hardly as restrictive in any other city as they are in Hong Kong, so Pocket Park Collective is easy replicable everywhere, but pointless in comparison.

Lessons learned

Sharing public parks and spaces is vital to organize common uses and activities where people can build bigger links with each other.

Take action

Organize a pop-up event in your city! Contact Pocket Parks Collective and ask about their methods at hello@hkhoney.com

Rachel Yan, Pocket Parks Collective co-founder


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