Safe Boda. Kampala, Uganda

Working on traffic safety to formalise Boda-boda industry


 Motorcycles taxis, commonly known as boda-bodas, are one of the most used transportation services in Uganda. However, they are unsafe and people do not usually trust the drivers. Safe Boda is an initiative that aims to formalise this industry. It works to improve the service providing equipment and training to drivers in customer service, safe driving and motorbike maintenance. Its ultimate goal is driving social impact, especially of helmet-wearing, but also creating a community around the service and, thereby, gain value and trust.


  • Road safety has improved.
  • More qualified and connected drivers.
  • An increase of helmet use among riders.
  • Access to safe rides via an app connecting users and drivers.
  • Opportunity for passengers to report misbehaviours and incidents.
  • An increase of Boda-boda trustworthiness.

Did you know?

  • Boda-bodas are a common transportation mode in Kampala, where it is estimated to be around 80 to 100 thousands.
  • Less than 1% of the passengers wear helmets: it is estimated that only 60% of the drivers own a helmet, and only a third actually wear it.
  • A huge proportion of Kampala‘s public health cost goes to Boda accidents: 40 to 50% of trauma cases are due to Boda-boda accidents.

Sustainability and Replicability

  • This initiative can be applied to other cities in the world where traffic safety is not yet a public priority.
  • Safe Boda aims to professionalise Boda-boda sector and become the dominant transportation service within 2 years.

Lessons learned

Things can change for the better. Safe Boda proves that, even if Boda-boda industry is considered to be an unchangeable sector, it can be improved through behavior and mentality change.

Take action

  • Spread the message and promote the Safe Boda initiative.
  • Talk with your friends, write an article, and share this content in your networks.
  • Find out and learn how you can replicate this initiative in your city.

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