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Citizens improving public transport signals, through a creative and participatory way 


“Que ônibus passa aqui?” is one of the projects developed in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre by Shoot the Shit, a collective of young people seeking to solve urban problems from the implementation of simple and replicable ideas. The project consists of a collaborative sticker pasted on bus stops so any citizen can list which buses stop there, thus helping other passengers.


  • More than 6 thousand printed stickers since 2012
  • Porto Alegre’s Government has formalized the Project adopting the format and design created by Shoot The Shit

Did you know?

Feasible through an online platform of collective funding, the project was elected in 2014 as the best idea for cities in The World Cities Challenge, a competition organized by the British newspaper, The Guardian.

Sustainability and Replicability

The initiative has been replicated in Lima, Mexico City and more than 30 Brazilian cities.

Lessons learned

It is possible to transform cities using people’s creativity by executing simple and collaborative ideas.

Take action

  • Replicate this idea in your city; download the stickers for free here.
  • Be part of Shoot The Shit’s supporters network and develop urban micro-revolutions in your city.

Gabriel Medeiros, Luciano Braga Co-founders of Shoot The Shit

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