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We present our video database of the urban initiatives we have documented travelling around the world searching for transformative innovations that make better cities. Feel free to search them through the countries visited as well as through the dimensions they are improving.

Initiative 2

Bogota Cómo Vamos

Bogotá, Colombia

Initiative 22

Koto Foundation

Hanoi, Vietnam

Initiative 11

Lab para la Ciudad

México DF, Mexico

Initiative 9


Mexico City, Mexico

Initiative 53

Scandinavian Green Roof Institute. Malmö, Sweden

Initiative 52

The Municipal Art Society. New York, United States

Initiative 38

Circular Economy. Berlin, Germany

Initiative 47

Holzmarkt. Berlin, Germany

Initiative 45

Deadline. Berlin, Germany

Initiative 65

ADAPT Cairo, Egypt

Initiative 25

MOVEBYBiKE. Stockholm, Sweden

Initiative 14

MakeCity Festival

Initiative 13

Startup in Residence

Initiative 10


Initiative 72

First Thursdays

Initiative 60. Vancouver Public Space Network

Initiative 73. Future Cape Town

Initiative 58

Vancouver 2020, Greenest City Action Plan

Initiative 64

CLUSTER. Cairo, Egypt.

Initiative 76

SDI Alliance Slum Upgrading. Cape Town.

Initiative 62

Iceaddis. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Initiative 61

Participatory Budgeting Project, New York

Initiative 61


Initiative 57

The Intervale Center. Burlington, United States

Safe Boda. Kampala, Uganda

Call for Urban Innovative Initiatives

Initiative 69

Inclusive Housing SDIs. Nairobi, Kenya.

Initiative 68

Fire Sensors. Nairobi, Kenya

Initiative 36

Ours, Taipei

Kibo bikes Africa

Initiative 67

Kibo Africa Motorcycles in Nairobi

Co-working and entrepreneurship in Rwanda

Initiative 70

Co-working and entrepreneurship in Rwanda, Kigali

Initiative 63

Educate Me, Cairo, Egypt

Initiative 66


Nairobi, Kenya

Initiative 35

Making a Difference (MAD)

Hong Kong, China

Initiative 56

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

San Francisco, United States

Initiative 44

Seoul Forest Park

Seoul, South Korea

Initiative 75

Social Justice Coalition

Cape Town, South Africa

Initiative 55

Pavement to Parks

San Francisco, USA

Initiative 59

Alliance for Arts + Culture

Initiative 34

Pocket Parks Collective

Hong Kong, China

Initiative 74

Open Streets Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

Initiative 54

Communities for Healthy Food

New York City, USA

Initiative 20

“Que ônibus passa aqui”?

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Initiative 37

Good Home Here

Taipei, Taiwan

Initiative 18

A Batata Precisa de Você

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Initiative 21

Vila Flores

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Initiative 33

Eco Bali

Bali, Indonesia

Initiative 31

Bandung Berkebun

Bandung, Indonesia

Initiative 30

Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF)

Bandung, Indonesia

Initiative 12

Dérive Lab

Querétaro, Mexico

Initiative 42

Youth and Environment

Beijing, China

Initiative 40

Cangdong Heritage Education Center

Kaiping, China

Initiative 32

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Bali, Indonesia

Initiative 29

Waste Management Forum in Bandung, Indonesia

Initiative 24

Think Playgrounds

Hanoi, Vietnam

Initiative 23

Saigon Makeover

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Initiative 19

Cidades sem Fome

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Initiative 17

Favela Orgánica

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Initiative 16

Casa Geração Vidigal

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Initiative 15

Hortas Cariocas

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Initiative 8

La Cuadra

Pereira, Colombia

Initiative 7

Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano

Medellin, Colombia

Initiative 6

La Ciudad Verde

Medellin, Colombia

Initiative 5

Mutualitas y Mutualitos

Bogota, Colombia

Initiative 4

Cebras por la Vida

Bogota, Colombia

Initiative 3

Mejor en Bici

Bogota, Colombia

Initiative 1


Bogota, Colombia