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The Guardian interviews Towards the Human City!

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TV Interview at the Huffiongton Post Live from Beijing

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Brazilian newspaper O Globo interviewsTowards the Human City

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THC starts contributing to the Blog of El País/Planeta Futuro – Seres Urbanos

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THC starts contributing to the Global Urban Commons Blog – Special Series

Support the Towards the Human City Team achieve their goal
We are looking for volunteers to help us with the following activities:
We need volunteers to help us in the transcription of interviews to urban leaders as well as translators (most common languages: French, Spanish and German into English)
We are looking for photographers that want to promote their work related to urban landscapes and city lifestyles. We are more interested in cities we are documenting (see road map here) although photo-documentaries of cities in general are also of our interest.
Urban analysts
We are looking for urban analysts that are studying urban initiatives and would be interested in evaluating with us the 101 initiatives. We would like to create an engaged team of professionals with common interests that help us identify, evaluate, document and communicate the initiatives towards a human city